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Mainly in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, we solve problems with PCs and peripherals such as PC repair, data recovery, and internet connection. In addition to bringing it to the actual store, we also accept repair requests by courier and support on business trips. Unlike nationwide PC repair shops, technicians who are directly qualified as PC mechanics will respond directly, so we can provide appropriate prices and services.


PC repair


​Software trouble


Data recovery


​Network trouble

My computer has stopped booting. If the power does not turn on, we will first make a diagnosis, give you a quote, and get your consent before starting work. Diagnostic quotes are free. (For business trips, a business trip fee will be charged)

​We will deal with software problems such as the computer slowing down or not starting up. We put the customer's data storage first, and even if it is necessary to reinstall, we will give priority to the data first.

If you continue to use the hard disk of your computer while it is not working properly, the symptoms will worsen and you will lose important data. Data recovery is also performed when the external hard disk or USB memory becomes unreadable. Network hard disks are also available.

​The internet connection that was connected until yesterday suddenly stopped working. For network troubles such as instability of in-house net work, we mainly check the local situation with business trip support and deal with it. We will also build a new network.


Virus removal


​Setting data migration

I get an unfamiliar error message on the screen. The operation became slow. Internet connection is slow. In such a case, a virus or annoying software may have invaded. In some cases, personal information may be extracted. We will perform disinfection work so that you can use your computer with peace of mind.

We will perform the initial settings of the personal computer, e-mail, printer settings, installation of Office and various software, and authentication work as requested by the customer. In order to replace the PC, we are also migrating data from conventional PCs and e-mail information.

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